The Busy Bodies Weight Management Plan has been constructed and refind over many years by qualified, experienced personal trainers and nutritionists with the aim to limit high calorie intake. The plans objective is to simplify your diet and, in combination with regular exercise, can be an effective way to lose weight and keep it off!


The main benefit of the food plan is that all of your family can follow it. You dont have to prepare seperate meals for yourself and your family as it is high in all the essential nutrients that we should be eating on a regular basis.


The nutritional plan has metabolic benefits to help reduce cravings and stimulate fat burning. By eating smaller portions of the right foods you will increase your metabolism and ensure that you are never hungry.

An essential ingredient to the Busy Bodies Weight Management Plan is to keep a log of your daily food intake with the food diary. This way you are not only accountable to yourself but also your personal trainer.


The nutritional guide, along with your personal trainer is the most effective solution to burning unwanted fat and achieving your goals healthily.


The guide can be purchased from the BB club for $30 or is included in some personal training and membership packages. Enquire at reception for more information.